No One Knows About Google Docs

According to a recent study shows that over ninety percent of people have not heard of Google Docs or other online office suites.  And with that knowledge I have to ask…

Why is the news?

The average internet user is not aware of about 1/3 of the stuff online regulars are informed about and this somehow requires the blogosphere and other online journalists to cause a bug hubbub?  I’m confused.  To be honest, the only reason my wife is aware of things like Google Docs, Open Office, Twitter, Facebook, and other online sites is because I personally told her about them.  It seems to me people doing the ever so usual, much ado about nothing.

Now, a lot of people are looking at this as the death of Web 2.0 office suites, I ask when did anyone claim that online office suites were going to take mass market share away from Microsoft Office.  Certainly not me and every review of an online office suite I have read usually states something about it not being ready to take the place of Office.

Really folks, can we stop making “news” out of something that isn’t really news?  Or is that just the nature of the beast that is the internet?

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