Google Sets the Bar (Again) – Google Maps Mobile & “My Location”

Google just can’t seem to stop outdoing themselves.  The latest version of Google Maps Mobile (download) contains a new feature called “My Location” that will show you your location on the map.  If you have GPS enabled phone, it will show you your location as accurately as GPS can do (which is pretty darn accurate).  But what is even cooler than that is if your phone does not have GPS, then it will attempt to use cell tower information to get your location down to a couple of thousand meters (around 1.5-2 miles).  While that method does not offer pinpoint accuracy, it is good enough to show you where about you are in relation to the things around you and give you the ability to find businesses and locations that are near you more quickly.

Google needs to keep up this kind of innovation, they seem to like to make their mobile applications very usable while maintaining a certain level of the “cool factor” now if they could only get with RIM about getting Gmail IMAP working flawlessly on my Curve, we’d be in business.

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