Bush, the GOP, and Party Politics

As I find myself moving away from the republican side of things and more towards the libertarian views on the political line, I find that I still do not really like the democrats way of thinking.  However, it is “lefters” like Arianna Huffington that give me hope that not all democrats are mindless drones of their party.  Today, Arianna wrote a nice little editorial on the state of the GOP and Bush politics.  While I don’t agree with everything she has to say, she does make a couple of good points when it comes to the numbers what people think with regards to the track this country is currently headed down.

While there are some areas I feel that this country is doing right, I can’t agree with our foreign policy as of late.  We seem to have gotten away from our isolationist point of view which kept us on many people’s good side for a long time.  However, I do not believe Bush to be entirely at fault on this.  I think he will be nothing more than the fall guy for Cheney’s idiotic politic-ing.  But this is merely an opinion at the moment and only history will really reveal if my foresight on that matter was accurate.

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