Apple Losing Its Grip?

It seems that Apple is incapable of getting its act together on these newly released iPod Classics & Nanos.  According to an article from iLounge about the latest firmware updates, the video out is still not working correctly and according to the comments several users are experiencing dead iPods once they have applied the update having to go to the Apple store to get their iPod replaced.

This is not good news for Apple because it shows that they are locking people in even more and on top of trying to do that they are breaking iPods in very bad way.  The new iPod Classics were rumored to have been plagued with problems since release, and they seem to not be fixing them well.  If this keeps up, you can expect that more people are going to really look at the new Zunes a little more closely.

I wonder what Apple is going to do about these problems in their latest product offerings.

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