Consulting Consultants: Initiative

When it comes to be a good consultant, initiative is key in getting the job done.  You have to be the guy to initiate things.  You need to be the first to say something when it needs to be said.  Sometimes it can mean just staying on top of things when things get to a point where all you are doing is following up on an issue day in to day out.

Initiative, more than anything shows a eagerness to get the job done.  However, one needs to be careful in not looking like they are trying to rush through things.  You need to be a go-getter, but you need to show that you are being thoughtful in your process.  Ask questions, throw out ideas, listen intently.  Just showing drive is not going to get you anywhere.  One take careful consideration into how they appear when “going after the prize” as it were.

In consulting, perception is everything.  Perceptions are dangerous things.  Once someone has a perception of you, it can possibly ruin your credibility.  So you need to show that in your willingness to get things done that you do not overlook simple things.  This can get you a reputation as someone who just jumps at things without any forethought.  Not what you want at all.  Just slowing down and taking your time to work through the problem can help in a big way on this.  And if you do it well enough you can still show that initiative that you need to have on display without any problems.

So as you work, just be careful and try to show that you are working on something, because you are working on something (if you are not this is a different issue).  Show that you want to help, initiate conversations, ask what you can help with.  All these things will go a long way, long term.

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