Songs & Such: “Hello Sunny Weather” by Poor Old Lu

We are almost done with this round of “Songs & Such” for Poor Old Lu songs. Soon we will move into songs from Aaron Sprinkle, Rose Blossom Punch, Fair, and even World Inside. But we still have a couple of “Lu” songs before we look at those. This week song comes off of what was suppose to be Poor Old Lu’s final album. After years of dealing with the Christian music industry, an industry that, at the time wanted nothing do with “alternative” Christian music, the band had decided to move on. The decision to move on was probably also largely based on the fact that the members, once high school buddies had grown up and needed to think about families and such (at least one had a son by this point).

With age, comes change and in Poor Old Lu’s case, this is no exception. After 3 albums the band was ready to call it quits and for the first time, Scott wrote a love song for his wife. The song, “Hello Sunny Weather” is that song. The interesting thing about “Hello Sunny Weather” is that it is a love song that sounds like anything but. What I like is the line “I know I’ve said this all before But I’m sure I mean it now all the more” because it is a nice way of ending the song that starts with an argument. It is also the ending statement of several arguments between couples even if the words are actual spoken or not.

It is these kinds of love songs that really show an artist’s ability to convey true emotion. This song is similar in nature to “I Still Love You” by Glen Phillips or “Hate Me” by Blue October. Love songs that song like something completely different. Very nice to see that Poor Old Lu wrote one like this almost a decade ago.

“Hello Sunny Weather”
by Poor Old Lu
From the Album: “A Picture of the Eigth Wonder”

She shook her head and turned away
she said she will not hear my voice today
“you are still asleep and still the same,
same as the day you said you’d change.”

and with my thoughts she let me stand
with words that scarred my face and hands
maybe when I let my rocket land
she will see the boy inside the man

break this heart as cold as stone
you got to, got to now
then hello sunny weather
hello sunny weather

breathe so deep this love of Christ
I got to, got to now
then hello sunny weather
hello, hello

loveliness it has a name
like John and Jill and Bill and Charlemagne
and I guess my years of acting sane
were spent looking for the Saviour’s face

I know I’ve said this all before
but I’m sure I mean it now all the more…

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