New Mp3 Player

Okay, I love my iPod.  I carry the thing around with me just about everywhere I go.  However, since I got my Alpine connector last year, I find that I leave in the car more often then not because that’s where I listen to a majority of my music.  I have been thinking about buying a second mp3 player to carry around with me in my bag that has a smaller selection of music (some favorites and some newly bought stuff) so that when I need to listen to music I have something with me and not out in my car.

I have decided that if I do purchase a second device, it needs to be flash based and not an iPod product.  Like I said I love my iPod but I figured getting some variety in my life is a good thing.  So when those two specifications in mind, if you have a player that you would like to recommend, please let me know either via the comments or through email.  I will consider all mentioned products fairly (even the new rumored flash Zunes).  Leave me a comment, tell me about your favorite device, what you would get if you were in my shoes.

Comment away…

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