Songs & Such: “Bittersweet” by Poor Old Lu

Lets jump right in. This week will will be looking at the song “Bittersweet” from Poor Old Lu’s EP, Straight Six. The album Straight Six is interesting in that most of it was written in the studio with very little forethought into the songs other than generic ideas. The song “Bittersweet”, at the time, was probably the song that was most unlike Poor Old Lu had written (later came the song “Rail” which is kind of an offshoot musically from “Bittersweet”).

The other thing is that this is one of the most blatantly “Christian” songs I have looked at on “Songs & Such” and so if this kind of stuff makes you angry, this is your warning.

I want to focus mainly on the line in the chorus, “I know why I sell my Saviour small” because it is one of the most self affecting lyrics Scott ever wrote. The song is primarily about finding fulfillment outside of Christ. In that things can seem right and look like they are the answers to your problems be it emotional or physical and in reality they just leave you empty. Finally, when they do leave you empty there is the bittersweet (sometimes righteous) feelings of anger and resentment at the thing that you so expected to fill that need.

I am not here to tell you that Christ is the answer to your problems (though I believe Him to be), that is something for you to figure out for yourself. However, as someone who shares the beliefs of the songwriter, this was a song that cause me to look at some things in my life and reconsider why I relied on them. Like I have said before, that is the sign of an effective song. One that can cause you to evaluate things in your own life for the better (or worse). All songs affect us differently and at different times. One listen they can insight rage while during another they can cause you to come to a simple realization and calming peace. The way a song can affect us, is pivotal to the strength of that song.

Lyrics following the jump…

by Poor Old Lu
From the Album: Straight Six

as sweet as it was
or as sweet as it seemed
like the most magnificent wonder
that was just a dream

and it shook me all up
and it stirred me around
but it left me cold and wanting
cause it had no ground
oh, none to be found

and i know why
(know why i sell myself short)
and i know why
(know why i sell my Savior small)
but it won’t make me cry
make me cry tonite

the beauty was such
and immeasurably so
my eyes were alive and bright
to the blinding glow

and as i embraced
to love it more
i shivered and fell like a leaf
to the forest floor
where i was before

and i know why
(know why i sell myself short)
and i know why
(i sell my Savior small)
but it won’t make me cry
but it won’t make me cry
(why do we stand there?)
in constant fear
almost near

as if my only thought
and my only breath
i gave and i gave and i gave
till i’d nothing left
except consequence

and i know why
(know why i sell myself short)
and i know why
(know why i sell my Savior small)
have i run to Christ?
have i?
(why do we stand there)
in constant fear
almost near
(why do we stand there?
without a care
though so aware

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