Songs & Such: "Do I?" by Poor Old Lu

Last week, we concluded our look at the songs from the band Anberlin. Since I have come to like this series idea for most of my topics, I decided we would look at one of my favorite bands, Poor Old Lu. While no longer in existence, they did release some great tunes. I also hold a soft spot for Poor Old Lu because they were the first truly “alternative” Christian Rock band that I had ever heard. As we discuss the music and lyrics of Poor Old Lu, I would like you to keep in mind that several of the members are still doing music today. Most notable is Aaron Sprinkle and we will transition from Poor Old Lu into Aaron Sprinkle songs, including Aaron’s most recent project Fair.

This week, I wanted to look at the song “Do I?” which comes off of Poor Old Lu’s first “major” label release, Mindsize. The reason I wanted to start with this song is because it is one of those songs that I did not pay much attention to until the release the only Poor Old Lu live disc, In Their Final Performance… because on the version on this album is probably the better of the recorded versions of the song, but it made me go back and re-evaluate the original. I find that this often happens with live versions of songs. Good musicians do not just play the album version of a song live, they are constantly adapting, changing, and re-editing their songs as they grow as musicians so often times a live version recorded 10 years after the initial album release is better than the recorded version.

This song is mainly important because of the chorus and how it ties the rest of the song together so well. When the singer sings “I don’t know love, do I?” it really ties the song together, however it only does it when you understand that the song is about the singer sharing his faith with his brother and finding it difficult to come through with the right words to do it. While the song only makes sense best when you understand the point of view of the writer, the chorus still anchors the song extremely well.

Lyrics after the jump…

Do I?
by Poor Old Lu
From the Album: Mindsize

She might have been a princess
She might’ve been here with us
Or ride so high and far away

Is she sleeping safely?
Is her sky the same way?
Does she know now my own fear?

She might’ve seen the ocean
If I’d had the notion
To listen closely and obey

I don’t know love – do I?

He might have had the stars in
In his eyes and within
He might’ve been my brother now

Jesus will you hold him?
Showing that you love him?
Careless I have been with words

He should not see the weather
His joy should last forever
Please give him reason to go on

Well is my treasure ever
Any good if I’ll never
Have the love to give away?

We might’ve seen the ocean
I know I’ve had the notion
But I don’t know love
So what’s to say?

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