Securing Your Digital World: Introduction

This week, we start a new technology series focused on securing your digital world. We do a lot of stuff online, on the net, and in email. All of it can be hacked, reverse engineered, and looked at if you are not careful in taking the proper steps to secure your data in this digital age.

In this series I hope to help teach you how can take steps to secure your data on your computer, laptop, and on any other devices you might use.  Some of what we discuss might be common sense or even second nature to some of you but it is always good to cover all the basis.  To some of you, a lot of this might seem like overkill but believe me when I say that while it might seem that way, the reality is you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your personal data both online and offline.  Some of the items discussed will require some extra steps on the reader’s part to actually implement them.

While some of the content has already been chosen if you have questions or concerns about security that you would like to see addressed in this series, then please leave a comment or email.  Next week will be jumping right with with a in-depth article on passwords.

I hope you come back next week…

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