New Music Tuesdays 2007-08-14

I am working on finding some new content to add to the website on a weekly basis.  In hopes of showing more of my varied interests and keeping you, the reader, coming  back for more.  As such, I give you “New Music Tuesdays” where I give a quick overview of some of the new music being released on the Tuesday in question.

This week we see some nice releases, all releases can be purchased on iTunes.

1) Anthem for the Underdog by 12 Stones – You might not have heard of 12 Stones, but you have heard their lead singer more than you’d probably like to have.  Paul McCoy is the male singer on Evanesence’s “Bring Me to Life” from the Daredevil soundtrack.  His latest outing with his band is a great growth record for the band.  Shows that slow growth in musicians is still possible and should be applauded.

2) To Be Loved by Ian Moore – Ian Moore is one of those artists that was pigeon-holed at a very young age.  Declared the next Stevie Ray Vaughan by just about every music rag on the planet, he decided to prove otherwise.  With each album he retains that bluesy root that made him a star but also injects elements of other styles ranging from funk, to soul, to Indian, to good solid rock.  Ian Moore has yet to truly disappoint, and I’m sure this album is no exception.

3) Combinations by Eisley – The music world lost something when Sixpence None the Richer called it quits.  While I am sure some will disagree with me on that, they did have a very unique sound.  Eisley is a great replacement for Sixpence while at the same time standing on their own.  Their first full-length album was considered genius by most, and this album continues that trend.

4) Live at Radio City by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – When it comes to Dave Matthews, there are really only 2 ways I really like him: solo acoustic or acoustic with Tim Reynolds.  For some reason he just works better in those two environments to me.  This album is definitely the latter and it sounds every bit as good as Live at Luther College.  A great listen.

That is it for this week, be sure to check back next Tuesday for some more new music.

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