iTunes/iPod Tips & Tricks: Notes

So far in our iPod/iTunes Tips & Tricks series here at Almost, Not Yet, we looked at using the iPod as a hard drive and getting your contacts and calendar information to sync. This week we look at something that is kind of related to the contacts/calendar side of things, but is more reminder oriented. This would be “Notes” or rather text documents that can be stored and viewed on your iPod.

A “note” is nothing more than a text file that is stored on your iPod in a special folder.  When your iPod is in disk mode, you simply need to browse to the iPod’s drive and click on the “Notes” directory.  Inside this directory, you can place regular text files (.txt).  This is a good way to keep of list of things you would like to purchase at various stores, a shopping list, or even a list of important information like directions to an office, or a list of hot spots in the town you are visiting.

That’s it.  Really, that is all there is to notes.  It’s a really easy one this week.  Next week, we will look at Compilations and see why they are important when organizing your music.

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