Songs & Such: "Two Become One" by Bill Mallonee

First off, I would like to apologize for the absence last week. I have been very busy as of late for reasons that I would rather not make public at this point (but probably soon, I promise). With that out of the way, lets get on with this weeks song.

We are still working on our series of songs by Bill Mallonee. This week we bring it to a close with a song off of the album Perfumed Letter, entitled “Two Become One.” I figured that with my sister getting married on Saturday, and this song fitting so perfect with that, it was a nice place to end the series. As usual, all songs can been downloaded via the Bill Mallonee Mp3 Store.

perfumedletter2.jpgWith the song, “Two Become One” Bill once again looks at the subject of sex within the confines of marriage. For some reason, most Christians find the subject of sex to be a bit taboo forgetting that it is something extremely Biblical and important to a marriage. Never more so than that first time when a man and women just married consummate their new relationship for the first time. That is what this song is about.

It is said at almost every Christian wedding. The idea that a man should leave is parents for his wife and the two shall become one flesh. But it seems that after that the issue of sex within a marriage ceases to exist among conversation. The two people becoming one flesh, one mind, one spirit is a special occasion. It is also something quite beautiful and poetic. Mr. Mallonee seems to catch the poetic side of it in this song quite well in that he never really says what he’s talking about but if you can look at the language you see exactly what he is talking about.

This is commonly a lost art in today’s music. The lack of directness makes the song appeal to wider audience, including those that would dismiss it based on subject matter. A lot of today’s music likes to take the direct approach on lyrics. While this method has its place, it is not the only method. You still find some songwriters that want to use the power of metaphor, but a lot seem to ignore it.

“Two Become One”
by Bill Mallonee
From the Album: Perfumed Letter

it happens every time
that you walk into this
somewhere between happiness
and mysteriousness
i’m falling for your charms
melting in your arms

two become one
and i hope you’re having fun
you’ll believe in magic
with these higher mathematics
two become one

sometimes the universe explodes
you can hear and smell
and touch and taste as she unfolds
like a cannon at the circus
but this will never hurt us

under your spell
and i can’t tell if it’s chemistry
oh, to be all released
in your chemistry

Love is living inside you
yes, and i will paint a picture
if you want me too
’cause this is all i need
and the colors they all bleed

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