Songs & Such: "I Could be Wrong" by Vigilantes of Love

Yep, we are still looking at the songs of Bill Mallonee (and as a result, Vigilantes of Love). As always, be sure to check out the Bill Mallonee Mp3 Store where you can download the songs and albums we discuss here in DRM-free 320kbps (ultra high-quality) mp3 files. Also for a limited time you can get a free album with the purchase of another. Also the entire Summershine album (the album this week’s song is from) is available for free on a song by song basis.

With the plugs out of the way, lets move onto the song for this week, “I Could be Wrong” from the Summershine album. The album Summershine is an interesting album because it is definitely unlike anything Bill Mallonee or Vigilantes of Love had done previously. The album is a brit-pop album, plain and simple. The band abandoned the Americana sound just this once to write “an album of love songs” focusing on the happy rather than the sad side of life. The song, “I Could be Wrong” is interesting because I think it describes a feeling we all feel when the love of our life walks into a room, right off the bat with the first lyric.

“Well I’m all confused. Well that’s nothing new. It’s pretty easily done, when you walk in the room.”

Summershine at VolSounds.comAs I have mentioned previously, Bill has a way of putting things in a way that puts an honest yet poetic perspective on things. In “I Could be Wrong” he wants to point out that his love is saying one thing but her actions are showing another feeling and thus he is confused He sums it up pretty well when he says:

“Sometimes with words you have to look right through. Sometimes the opposite’s true”

All this introspection with a nice brit-pop background really helps sell the song. You really can not imagine this song with the usual Americana sound that Vigilantes of Love is known for. That is part of being a good songwriter, finding the right feel for a song even if it is not something you would normally do.

This is the last Vigilantes of Love song we will look at, we are going to move on to a few of the solo Bill Mallonee songs before wrapping up this series. I will leave you with the lyrics after the jump.

I Could be Wrong
by Vigilantes of Love
From the Album: Summershine

well i’m all confused
but that’s nothing new
it’s pretty easily done
when you walk in the room
first you say we’re all over
but why are you squeezing my hand

i could be wrong
but i don’t think i am

what you keep telling me
it still keeps me guessing
those deep green eyes
leave a different impression
sometimes your heart
well it won’t follow the plan

sometimes with words
you gotta look right through
sometimes the opposite is true

what you say with your mouth
i don’t hear it in your voice
and when you’re saying goodbye bye bye
why are your lips so moist
you say it’s not what i mean
but then the fireworks began

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