Songs & Such: “Bolt Action” by Vigilantes of Love

We are continuing our look at the songs written by Bill Mallonee. As I mentioned last week, all of the Vigilantes of Love & Bill Mallonee albums are available via the Bill Mallonee Mp3 Store. All songs sold in the Mp3 store are DRM free Mp3 files so you can play them on any computer or player that supports the Mp3 format.

This week’s song is “Bolt Action” from the album Blister Soul. The album Blister Soul is considered one of Vigilantes of Love’s best albums and contains some of their best material. The song “Bolt Action” is a great tune and while it might not lyrically be one of the best songs ever written it is a great song none the less. What makes “Bolt Action” so good is the mix of lyrics and music. The lyrics and music backing them compliment each other so well that it really makes the lyrics seem better than they are. Songwriting is a two part system, you can have the best lyrics in the world but without the proper music, they can fall flat. The reverse is true as well. But when you have music and lyrics that compliment each other to their fullest, you end up with a magic that is very hard to reproduce.

The song itself is loosely based on the Charles Whitman, the guy who, in 1966 went to the top floor of the University Bell Tower in Austin, Texas and shot 44 people, killing 13 of those individuals.

Bolt Action
by Vigilantes of Love
From the Album “Blister Soul”

Man at the crossroads with a voice of anticipation
He’s playing elmore james and reciting lamentations
I am one, I am two
To whom the stroke was due

Up here in this tower for forty-eight hours
Without food or drink or water
Maybe i oughta

Try to remind yourself to tell yourself it doesn’t really matter
Why are my lips so blue my pulse ever getting shallow
Didn’t hurt whatever do you mean
Didn’t feel a thing


I know i could hear it if the truth be told
Ya’ll step right up and pop the trip wire soul
My bolt action
My dissatisfaction


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