Jinzora = Awesome

I had a dilemma.  I have a pretty good sized music collection, and only three quarters of it on my computer at my office and the rest of it on my computer at home.  I wanted to listen to the new music at the office, but I did not want to have to keep transferring a huge hard drive or other portable device between my home and my office.

Enter Jinzora.  I installed this onto my computer and pointed it at my music collection, I followed this guide to do it.  I have to say, after being in the office all morning and listening to music using Jinzora and VLC, I am hooked.  This is the way to listen to your music collection when you are away from home.  The interface is easy to navigate and finding what you want is a snap.

Overall, I am very happy I did this and this will become a normally installed setup for my home computer from this day forward.  If you are looking to listen to your music from anywhere, this is the way to do it.

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