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The Power of Information is a radio show that I co-host with my friend Derek Alfonso. Together we discuss the latest technology happenings, how to save money, and we even talk about the latest games. You might have seen the weekly posts on what the weekly topics covered in the show are and might be wondering about what the show is exactly. I know that I have a page on the Power of Information, but I figured a nice article centered on the subject can help bring more people to understand exactly what it is and why we do it.

What is Power of Information?

Well, we have already established that it is a radio show with two hosts. Both Derek and I use technology to accomplish different but often similar goals. We have very distinct interests that allow us both to have an unique perspective on different things. This brings the chemistry to the show. Where one of us might really like something, the other might not see the reason or logic behind it. The radio show was an idea that has long been inside Derek’s head. It is something that we have both discussed doing together pretty much since we have met (9 years ago). Derek and I would sit around and discuss technology, politics, books, movies, and other odd ends for hours. Derek soon realized that there was good chemistry there and it could translate well to radio. However the idea never came to fruition due to one reason or another.

Then came podcasts. Once podcasting took off with some steam behind it the idea came to do it as a podcast since we did not have a radio station to broadcast one, but again the idea was only discussed, never realized. Then soon after the podcast idea had been kicked around, the ability for radio broadcast presented itself. The owner of a radio station and (soon) radio network, asked Derek if he was ready to start the radio show. After several discussions and some random notes, Derek and I recorded the first episode of the Power of Information.

The idea behind the power of information is to inform and educate others both computer literate and not so computer literate on all areas of technology. From finding cool new websites to talking about the latest in free software. Gamers were not to be left out so we included a “Gamer’s Corner” segment to help reach that audience. Also, Derek is a gamer.

What About the Hosts?

Derek Alfonso

Derek is a what one would call a technology renaissance man, not that he is drastically changing technology the way that Da Vinci changed art, but rather in that he has his hands in everything from programming to film editing. Derek uses technology on a daily basis to edit movies, compose music, and even create pictures. He programs in several languages and is familiar with several operating systems. While not big on Apple, he does have some familiarity with the company’s products. Derek also enjoys video gaming on various platforms from the PC to the Playstation 3. One of Derek’s passions is security and privacy and as a result is usually a go-to guy for securing computers amongst his family and friends.

Michael Koby (Me)

While I have my hands in a lot of areas involving technology, I am more of a tinkerer. My goal is to learn as much as I can about the different areas of technology and find ways to apply it into everyday life. I love music and as a result the mix of music with technology is important to me. I have heavy experience in both Windows and Linux, and while I am often referred to as the Apple “fan boy” on the show, my experience with Apple is not great. I have tinkered with Apple computers but not to the extent of Windows or Linux. I enjoy free software and heavily support open source software on the show.

Where Can I Hear Power of Information?

Power of Information currently airs at 9AM Pacific Time on KCAA 1050AM in Loma Linda, California and the surrounding areas including Los Angeles. Power of Information is also a part of the America First Radio Network and airs in rotation when time is available, though I have been told that this is going to change soon and we will be moving to a set time on the network by the end of the month.

Power of Information is also available in Podcast form via the website at http://www.powerofinformation.net. Episodes are also stream-able from the website so if you can not download, you can still listen to it while you work.

In Closing

I hope this clears up some questions about Power of Information. And I hope that you will give us a listen as we continue to grow and improve our program. Derek and I, both appreciate you taking time to listen to us.

Have any comments about the show? You can leave them on the Power of Information website or email us at theshow@powerofinformation.net.

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