Hard DRive is Dying (Update)

My hard drive that has both my Windows and Linux installs is dying. Fortunately I purchased a new Western Digital 160GB Special Edition drive. I like the Western Digital drives, my company has been using them for years in high load environments and we have had very little trouble with them.

I’m using PartImage to backup my Windows XP partition onto a USB hard drive so that I (hopefully) do not need to reinstall the OS after I switch out the hard drives.

The current plan is to do 1 80GB partition for Windows XP and a 78GB partition for Linux with a 2GB swap partition.

Here’s hoping everything goes okay…

Update: After using PartImage to backup the XP partition and installing the new drive, everything is back up and running as if nothing had changed.  I did forget about the

mount –bind /dev /mnt/hda2/dev

before chrooting into the restored Ubuntu install, but once I remembered that little tidbit, it only took about 30-45 minutes to get the XP partition restored.

Great learning experience and just further proof that I should be moving away from Windows quickly.

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