Still (Mostly) in Linux…

For those still wondering (I have not been posting nearly as much as I should be), I am still in Linux most of the time. However, because I telecommute from home to my job, if Linux flakes out on me (usually because I’m using Beryl), I switch back to Windows. What can I say, I really like my cube and other 3D effects.

This seems to be a known issue with the Nvidia drivers and there is a fix in the works (supposedly). I am willing to hold out because I know that Nvidia will get their shizzle together and get some really nice working drivers going.

In the meantime, I took the time to update to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn beta to get Gnome 2.18 since I could not find a nice article on how to upgrade just Gnome under Edgy Eft. I tried doing it through the update manager but ran into some issues so I decided to blow away my install (heck it’s only 10GB and all my docs are on my Windows partition) and reinstall from a Feisty CD. I must say that after upgrading Beryl is definitely more stable overall (I can run 2-3 days without a hiccup as oppose to the 2-3 hours I was getting) and everything seems a little smoother.

Also, I managed to get my Windows partition to boot in a VmWare instance using this helpful post. And now the only thing left is to wait until someone writes a nice importer for my KeePass database so that I can load my passwords into Revolution without it corrupting the Revelation file, because while I love KeePass, I really do not like running Wine. And no, KeePassX is not an acceptable replacement, its slow and has its own issues.

Overall though, I love my Linux install and I hate having to log into Windows to do stuff for work. Maybe I’ll just turn off Beryl when I work, but then I start to miss my cube and 3D effects. Oh well, guess I will just have to wait for working drivers on that front.

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