Simply Red – Stay

stay_big.jpgWhen it comes to soul and funk music, I generally like it a certain way – funky and groovy. I usually look the other way at a more mellow groove. It is not that I think that the music is not good, it is just not my preferred style. I picked up a copy of Simply Red’s latest album Stay on a recommendation and I have to say, that my overall opinion of the more mellow groove remains, however that should not detract from the masterful sound that this band creates. While the album does have it slightly more upbeat moments in songs like “So Not Over You” the album is for the most part a slightly mellow album. If you are looking for a more rockier funk/soul, move along, but if you are looking for great background music for that chill party you want to throw (think martini party), then this album is perfect.

Finding music made by talented musicians is a rarity in this day but Stay is just that. The musiciaship on this album is above just about anything being released today and that alone is reason to pick the album up.

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