Ubuntu Edgy with Xorg 7.2

I spent some time this weekend getting Ubuntu Linux installed on my home PC.  I partitioned off 10 gigabytes of space for the install using Partition Magic and then ran the Ubuntu install off of the downloadable live CD.  I used Ubuntu Guide, to install some of the missing software I knew that I was going to need and then found Beryl+Nvidia tutorial online and got the cool 3D effects going.  Basically, it gives me Vista like eye candy.

I was having some issues with my Nvidia drivers crashing randomly when using Beryl, but after some research I realized that I was not using the latest version of the Xorg X Server.  I have updated the X Server to version 7.2 and so far so good on the Beryl stuff.

Hopefully I can write those problems off as fixed.  But I will say, I miss Linux and I am glad I have a partition with it on my computer.  My wife has been running Linux for about 4 months now as her main desktop and she is not overly computer literate and she has had zero problems with it.  If I can get everything working on this install, I might just format everything and go completely Linux at home.  No Windows license fees!

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