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As I have stated on this website on many occasions, I love the Lifehacker website. So many helpful tips and tricks brought by Gina Trapani, her crew of editors and loyal fan base. Lifehacker works to make your life better, geek or not you will benefit from all articles contained within. So for this week’s list article, we are going to look at some recent Lifehacker articles.

  • Become a Power User – is a fantastic way to keep track of all those nifty articles you find online. is a social bookmarking website that allows you to store your bookmarks as well as share them with others. You can add friends and send bookmarks to them and they, in turn, can send bookmarks to you. This Lifehacker post links to some tips on how to get the most out of your account.
  • Consolidate Firefox’s Chrome – Chrome is the name of Firefox’s interface. It is a clean, simple, and easy to use interface. But if you are a power user, it might be taking up precious screen real estate. This article from Lifehacker teaches you how to consolidate the interface to be more streamline. Pay attention to the comments because they give alternate methods for some of the hacks presented in the main article.
  • Calculate Your Debt-to-Income Ratio – Around this time last year, my wife and I bought our first house and I wish this Lifehacker article had come in time to help me. One of the first things mortgage companies figure out is an applicant’s debt-to-income ratio, the amount of money coming in to the amount that has to be paid every month. Calculating these figures will also help you figure out a budget to help you eliminate that debt.
  • Whip Your Mp3 Library Into Shape (Series) – This article is part one in a multi-part series on getting your mp3 collection up to snuff. This article deals solely with getting a consistent volume on all of your tracks, which means going for that volume slider less. And even though there is currently only one article in this series so far, I am looking forward to future articles on this subject.
  • Top Firefox 2 Config Tweaks – Last and certainly not least, probably the best Lifehacker article of 2006 (at least in my opinion), is an article on modifying Firefox 2.0’s configuration to get back some of the missing functionality lost in 2.0 as well as activating hidden features that can only help make your life a little better. This article alone is worth check out Lifehacker for. Great job guys.

So, there you have it. Some of Lifehacker’s more recent greatest hits. There are several more available and these examples do not even begin to scratch the surface of what Lifehacker has to offer readers.

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