Power of Information 2007-01-28

This week on The Power of Information, Derek and I discuss the bit torrent sites being in the top 100, Blu-Ray gets cracked, and we tell you about some cool software that can save you money. Also on The Power of Information, Sony fixes the Playstation 3’s backwards compatibility and Derek gives you his Windows Vista super review.

For more information on some of these topics you can look at the Power of Information links to the right or you can visit the Power of Information website at http://www.powerofinformation.net where you will find show notes, podcast versions of the radio show, and our Power of Information Forums.

You can hear The Power of Information on Sundays at 9am on KCAA Radio 1050AM in Loma Linda, California. The station that leaves no listener behind.

The Power of Information is part of the America First Radio Network .

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