Movies Studios Want More Restrictions From Apple

It seems that one of the major reasons that the other movie studios have not lined up to get their content in the iTunes store is because they want more restrictions placed on the purchased content. Specifically they want the number of devices a movie can be downloaded to to be smaller.

An article at FT.Com states:

The studios – Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Warner Bros – are in talks with Apple about making their films available for digital download on iTunes. After months of discussion, a sticking point has emerged over the studios’ demand that Apple limit the number of devices that can use a film downloaded from iTunes.

To be completely honest, I hope that Apple does not give into this kind of demand. And if they do, I hope the movie companies will allow us more tech-oriented people to rip our DVDs to our iPods legally.

The way it currently stands is that ripping a DVD you have legally purchased to your iPod is illegal because under the DMCA (Digital Millineum Copyright Act) you can not break the copy protection encryption on a DVD. What this means is that in order to have a movie on your iPod, you have to download a “made for iPod” version of the movie. In other words, you have to buy the movie twice. In my opinion, since I am ripping the movie to go on my iPod for personal viewing, this is not a violation of fair use under the current United States copyright laws and therefore completely legal. So the current copyright laws and the DMCA are in direct contridiction of each other making almost impossible to determine what is actually okay to do and what is not.

As for Apple’s already imposed restrcitions, I think they are some of the most transparent in this DRM world. Apple’s restrictions are more than resonable and to restrict further is only going to encourage people to go elsewhere for their content.

What do you think of this request from the movie studios?

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