Heros Online Comics

The new hit show of this fall season is Heros. Heros is about a group of ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary abilities. For example, one girl can heal herself, another guy can fly, and still another guy can read mind. The show even has some of the best minds from the comic book industry writing and producing episodes. Since the show obviously has some basic comic book elements, it would only stand to reason that there be a comic for the show.

NBC is releasing a small 7-8 page comic a week in PDF format on the Heros’ webpage at nbc.com. The comics give a little insight to a character each week and gives a little bit of what happens between two episodes.

I am glad to see that the television companies are utilizing marketing campaigns like this. When a show is as good as Heros is, people can not seem to get enough extras to tide them over between episodes.

Points to NBC for this one.

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