Firefox 2.0 Tweaks

Earlier this week Mozilla released the long awaited update to their popular Firefox browser. Now at version 2.0, the browser has gotten better and it continues to improve. With a new release comes the various news articles promoting the release as well as things surrounding that release and Firefox 2.0 is no exception to this rule. In full hacking swing, released an article yesterday on some very nice tweaks you can perform in Firefox 2.0 using the about:config page. The article gives a quick rundown on exactly how to perform the tweaks before actually discussing the various tweaks so if you’re not sure what to do, you have nothing to worry about because Lifehacker has you taken care of.

The article in question can be found here but some of my favorites include:

browser.urlbar.hideGoButton=true – this little tweak gets rid of the “Go” button that is placed right after the address bar. Most people rarely use the “Go” button instead opting to just hit the Enter key after entering in an address.

browser.cache.check_doc_frequency=1 – this tweak forces Firefox to redownload pages that are already in cache. This means that everytime you visit a page it downloads it, so you are always ensured to have the latest version of page instead of the page being pulled from cache (locally stored copy). This one is not included in the Lifehacker article and used to be accessible via the Options interface, but since I like it I decided to add it to my list :-).

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