Build Your Own Wind Generator

Step by step instructions on how to build your own wind generator can be found here. With my electric bill going up monthly, I wonder if something like this could help lower it, even if it’s just by 20-30 dollars a month that would help.

Living in the Southeast part of Texas, the summers here can be brutally hot and that can wreck havoc on an energy bill. I remember about 10-12 years ago, my dad installed a sprinkler system on the roof of his house to cool the house down. He ran PVC pipe up the side of the house and got it over the second story and the den. This cooled the house down considerably and made the upstairs (where my mother spent most of her time) bearable again. I’ve been considering finding an asthetic way to do something similar to my house: like using smaller pipes, running them on the back side of the house, and/or putting the pipe where the gutters should be.

Anyone else have interesting engery saving tips?

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