Showtime's WeedsOver the course of the Fourth of July weekend, April and I ran out of stuff to watch. That’s probably an over-exaggeration but basically the shows we liked, we were caught up on and were not in the mood for a movie. So after a failed attempt to like HBO’s Rome, April and I checked out some of Showtime’s original programming. The result was Weeds, a show about a single, recently widowed mother in the heart of suberbia selling weed to support her family.

In a town where there are very few secrets and gossip reigns supreme, Nancy, a single mother, is quickly becoming the town’s top dealer of the “green tabacco” and that’s just where the show starts. Nancy, a woman with street smarts but the naievity of “girl meets world” quickly learns the that her choices effect everyone around her, especially her kids. Nancy, finds out what happens when you enter into another dealer’s area as well as the pyramid scheme of supplier, dealer, soilders, and buyers. Learning as she goes Nancy soon finds out that something that seems simple can quickly become very complicated. All this and humor too. The show is hilarious. And not just because of the situations Nancy gets herself into or how she deals with them, but also because anyone who’s done drugs or been around them for any length of time will understand every aspect of this show. It’s so real in some areas that it’s frieghtening.

So if you have Showtime On Demand, be sure to check out Weeds. The first half of season one is up now (5 episodes) with the rest sure to follow before the August premiere of season 2. If you do not have Showtime On Demand, you can click the image to pre-order the season 1 DVDs from Amazon.com. Or you can click here.

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