CarsToday April and I took Cloe to see Cars, the latest computer animation flick from Disney/Pixar.  Man, they just keep getting better with the computer animation on these movies.  Cars has the smoothest and cleanest computer animation to come from Pixar yet.

As the follow up to The Incredibles, Cars holds its own.  Clocking in at just under two hours in length, this is probably the longest childrens movie yet.  Cloe did manage to get a little restless towards the end but when the big race started her eyes were glued to the screen.  Though, in my opinion, this movie could have been about 20 minutes shorter than it was.  Certain scenes could have been cut shorter and still had been just as effective in the plot.  For example, one scene the main character goes for a “drive” with his love interest for a solid 15 minutes.  This little drive could have been cut to 7-8 minutes and been just as good.

Though overall as a kid movie the plot is relativly simple.  The hotshot main character learns that he, in the end, can’t do everything on his own and needs friends.  A simple message that children of all ages can get easily.  And while the plot may be simple the jokes that the adults are going to get are just as funny as ever.  My personal favorite little funny moment was the first time I heard McQueen’s agent (voiced by Jeremy Piven who plays Ari Gold on HBO’s Entourage), being an Entourage fan that made me smile.  As with any Pixar movie, you will want to check out the end credits, the jokes here are great.

The final word is, this movie is good, but in my opinion, does not come close to its predecessor, The Incredibles.

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  1. BusbyTest says:

    Qualcuno ha già detto che il tuo blog è fresco e molto interessante da leggere?
    Sei intelligente buona per iscritto questo articolo.

  2. yeah very good message they can get from movie like this. simple and easy but why they cuts? want to save time? if they cuts the story like that.. what the meaning of movie like that to us? throw it away far away…

  3. It’s just cars title no more?

  4. I like Cars and it is really well done – my two boys loved the Clone Wars which also looked great at the cinema

  5. Speed Race is also great in its mix of cartoon and real life actors. Its like being stuck in a slush puppy machine!

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