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Buying an HDTV: LCD & Plasma

Last week we looked at 720p versus 1080p resolutions with regards to high definition television (HDTV).  This week we’re going to look at the two more popular display technologies available to the consumer today.  Yep, today’s discussion is going to … Continue reading

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Buying a HDTV: 720p vs. 1080p & Seating Distance

Today I want to look at the concept of resolution. What is resolution? It is the number of pixels on the screen. A pixel is a little dot of color that is part of a larger picture. The general rule of thumb is that the more pixels you have in a certain amount of space, the better the detail you will see. Continue reading

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Buying a HDTV: Introduction

There is a lot of information out there floating around about high definition televisions. It can be extremely confusing for the average consumer to go through and figure out what will work for them and what won’t. There are some many things to consider when buying a HDTV that one can easily get lost in the process (I know I did). Continue reading

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Dead Like Me Ressurects?

Rumors are floating around that Dead Like Me, the popular Showtime original series about a team of grim reapers, may see a revival in the form of a direct to DVD movie. If they get the original cast back to … Continue reading

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Fox Does it Again: Drive Cancelled

Those wonder Fox executives are know for 2 things, airing really great shows and cancelling really great show. Over the years the Fox executives have given us The Simpsons, Married With Children, House, as well as other great television shows.  … Continue reading

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iTunes Gets CW Programs

The folks over at iLounge are reporting that the iTunes Store now has the CW shows Supernatural and Veronica Mars. While I think that it is cool to finally have some CW programming on iTunes, I am surprised over the … Continue reading

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