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Posts that are links lists. Used primarily to let people know about sites I like. Links in these posts are not neccesarilly worthy of permenant placement on my Links page but I still think they are cool enough to mention.

links for 2009-08-03

List of freely available programming books – Stack Overflow (tags: programming books free reference)

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links for 2009-08-01

Model View Presenter Part I – Building it from Scratch (tags: programming development .net designpatterns mvp)

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links for 2009-07-28

How to build a textbox URL shortener with PyGTK+ – Ars Technica (tags: python) Pro Git – Pro Git Book (tags: programming reference development free books creativecommons git scm versioncontrol) HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn (tags: tips … Continue reading

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links for 2009-07-25

Unixmen- Linux Howtos and Tutorials – Great themes for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty jackalope (tags: ubuntu themes) 19+ resources for finding and hosting source code. (tags: code programming resources hosting source) Board :: – Android Development Community | Android Tutorials … Continue reading

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links for 2009-07-21

Why Is Obama's Top Antitrust Cop Gunning for Google? (tags: law legal) Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen – Hanselminutes Podcast 168 – Successful Cross Platform .NET Development – Mono and Banshee with Aaron Bockover (tags: programming development mono podcast) The Watermarks … Continue reading

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links for 2009-07-19

G1 Rumors: Visual Voicemail? Check. Exchange email? Ehhh. (tags: google g1 exchange)

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