Songs & Such: “Ralph Wiggum” by The Bloodhound Gang

When it comes to the weird and insane, the Bloodhound Gang have it about 100 times over. Songs like “Discovery Channel” and “I Hope You Die” fully prove that Jimmy Pop is both sadistic and a lyrical genius all within the same three to four minute song. What I find disturbing (yet genius) is the song “Ralph Wiggum” off of the album Hefty Fine. Only the lyric genius of Jimmy Pop could come up with the idea of doing a song based solely on what have become known to Simpson fans as “Ralphisms” and then make the song catchy. Not to mention the most proper placement of the “I’m a pop sensation” line to really bring it all home. Overall simple song, but a great concept.

“Ralph Wiggum”
By The Bloodhound Gang
From the album Hefty Fine

I’m going to Africa
Yes ma’am I’m a brick was President Lincoln
Okay mitten
There’s a dog in the vent
Chicken necks
I pick Ken Griffey Jr.
I fell out 2 times
(Instrumental Break)
I’m pedaling backwards
This snowflake tastes like fish sticks
We’re a totem pole
Dying tickles
I heard a Frankenstein lives there
She’s touching my special area go banana

Ralphie ralphie
Get off get off
The stage the stage
Sweetheart sweetheart
Oh say can you rock?
I’m a pop sensation
I’m a pop sensation

Salmon gutter?

I’m idaho
You smell like dead bunnies
That’s where I saw the leprechaun
From toys are fun
Chocolate microscopes
You’re not it
That is so 1991
I bit my tongue


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